We provide design, prototyping, and production expertise to help our clients with their product development needs.


Located in the heart of Tampa, Florida – Bay Area Innovations is an end-to-end product design and contract manufacturing firm with over 75 years of combined experience in product development, prototyping, production and logistics.


Quality, Experience, Communication and Teamwork are the core founding principles we use to produce successful, consumer-centric results for our clients. We have a long history of designing a vast array of products across a multitude of industries. This experience helps to minimize the overall costs and timelines of the typical design process.


At Bay Area Innovations, we leverage our core principles in a way that allows us to provide an exceptional experience in every facet of the design, prototype, production, and logistics processes.


Bay Area Innovations. Engineering ideas into reality.


Shawn Best founded Bay Area Innovations in 2008. With over 20 years of experience in Product Development, Shawn thoroughly understands every aspect of the design process and has led the Bay Area Innovations team in the development of over 250 products.

Shawn holds three degrees in total – a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Florida; and an MBA from the University of Florida.

He enjoys spending time with his family as well as reading, traveling, playing golf, and attending both sporting and art-related events.

“Bay Area Innovations envisioned our needs quickly and developed an enclosure that was perfect. It was  great experience for all involved!”

Andrew DeWeerd

Dolphin Medical