Conceptual design drawing of a new folding cell phone style product


We provide end-to-end services through a three-phase product design process. We offer the services of reverse engineering, part and component design, 3D scanning, 3D printing, exact part replication, and more.

Industrial design rendering created in SolidWorks 3D CAD software


Industrial Design is the gateway to the look, feel, and functionality of your product. Our engineers create state of the art 3D CAD component, sub-assembly, and full product models using industry leading software.

Meshed mechanical engineered gears.


Our Mechanical Design Engineers create the mechanical functions of your product to provide the operational experience and capabilities for the ultimate end user. At this stage, we also determine any directional changes needed for your next steps.

Micro-processor on a electrically engineered printed circuit board.


We create the PCB design, electrical programming, and functionality. Our extensive expertise includes WiFi and Bluetooth integration, radio frequency (RF) systems, touch screens, sensors, remote sensing, signal processing, IoT and cloud, and more.

Elements of software design.


We want the hardware of your product to exceed operating standards, and that means the highest quality software to accomplish input, processing, output, storage, and the control of the activities of information systems.

Mobile application development software on a computer screen


With mobile technology at the forefront of user accessibility, we help you develop the easiest and most productive way for your end users to have the best interactive mobile experience with your problem solving solution.

“Bay Area Innovations possess unique talents to solve complex tasks. I highly recommend Bay Area for any engineering opportunities avaiable.”

Jonathan Kio

Axiom Worldwide